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This is how I got so absorbed into the RPG world. Particularly the Final Fantasy world. Spawning away from the SuperNintendo, FF7 gives Squaresoft a whole new realm to experience...

FYI: I don't hate any of these characters whatsoever, but I do have favorites. When you read the character profiles, then you'll see why. I can be critical about some characters and pairings, but I don't oppose about them. My opinion is my opinion and yours is yours, so there's no point in flaming me about it, okies?

Choose the characters to who you want to go to by clicking the text link below:

~ Cloud Strife ~ Barret Wallace ~ Tifa Lockheart ~

~ Aeris Gainsborough ~ Red XIII ~ Cait Sith ~

~ Yuffie Kisaragi ~ Vincent Valentine ~ Cid Highwind


<-----a general summary of the game


Enemy Skills

CG Gallery

Gold Saucer Games

How to Beat the Final Boss: Ayame-chan's Style