Make your own free website on you've reached the final battle, huh?'s taken a long time to get everything you need and it'll take a long time to defeat Sephiroth. Well, not really if you've been prepared ^^.

Disc Two of the game takes practically forever to finish, if you did the side quests in all. Out of all the times I've spent playing and replaying FF7, my hours of ending the game come from around 30 hours (no sidequests/very few) to 70 hours (sidequests, gaining levels, etc). I have two different versions of beating Sephy, but I'll just give you the way that took me 70 hours to finish the game ^^.

Sephiroth has two forms: Bizarro and Ultimate Sephiroth. Before you decide to get the game over with right away, here's what you need to do....


Preparing for the final battle starts off waaaayyyy in Disc 2. Why? It's because you need to do chocobo raising. Yes, I know that raising and breeding chocobos are hell, but the rewards are great including the Quadra Magic materia and the Knights of the Round summon (the most powerful summon in the game, I might add)



You can start chocobo raising right when you have Tifa in control, but I'd recommend starting when Cloud comes back into the party because you need to get to Gold Saucer and race your chocobos. First off, you need to fly back to the Chocobo Ranch where you can talk to Chocobo Bill and rent six (yes, six) stables for your chocobos to stay in. Make sure that you have enough money, though, because they can be quite pricy.

After all of that, equip your chocobo lure and search around for chocobo tracks. The best chocobos are in the Icicle Area when they appear with the nasty little bunnies accompanying them ^^. They're pretty easy to kill, with your high level and all, but make sure you kill them fast or the chocobo will run away. You can also find the Chocobo Sage's house just a little bit north of Ice Gate Glacier and he'll remember things from time to time. Not only that, but he sells the best kind of greens out there that can boost up your chocobos' stamina, strength, and whatnot. I'm not going to go into too much detail about chocobo breeding because this page will be too long and you'll get bored of my rambling. I'll just give you the basics:

To get a River (light blue) OR Mountain Chocobo (green): Breed a Good (found in Gold Saucer area) or Very Good (found in Mideel area or Rocket Port area) with one of its kind and vice versa. You can mix and match between these. You know, like Good and Good or Very Good and Good, and so on. Feed them a Carob nut, which can be won or stolen by the red dinos (they have a really long name, and I'm too lazy to type that long of a name ^^) nearby Bone Village. The chances that you'll get a River, Mountain, or normal Chocobo vary, so you can reset your system each time if you don't get what you needed (and trust me, it'll take a lot of saves and resets). You can always race your chocobos in Chocobo Square at Gold Saucer to raise their rankings.

To get a Mountain/River Chocobo (purplish..): Once you get the River and Mountain Chocobos, boosting them up and all, it's a cinch for chocobo breeding from here. All you need to do is to breed a Mountain with a River Chocobo (make sure that they're different genders ^^) and feed them any nut.

To get a Sea Chocobo (orange): This one is kinda tough, but not as tough as trying to get a Mountain or a River Chocobo (or both). All you need is to breed one of the chocobos that you got from the Icicle area with a Mountain/River chocobo and they both have to be in S rank. If you don't have them in A or S rank, then your chances of getting a Sea chocobo is next to nothing. Feed them a Zeio nut, which can be won or stolen by the Goblins on Goblin Island, and ta-da! A sea chocobo!

Whew, that's enough about chocobo breeding ^^. From what I remember, take a river chocobo to the Mideel materia cave (it's closeby the ranch) and you'll get a Mimic materia. Take a Mountain chocobo to the Wutai materia cave (it's like behind the second or third bridge) and you'll get the Quadra Magic materia. Take a Mountain/River chocobo to the Corel materia cave (just east of the Corel mountains) and you'll get the MP<-->HP switch materia (not recommended, mind you). Take the Sea chocobo to the Round Island materia cave (way, way north; close to the end of the map), you'll get the Knights of the Round Summon materia.