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Aeris/Aerith Gainsborough

NAME: Aeris/Aerith Gainsborough
AGE: 22
HEIGHT: 5'3"
DOB: Feburary 7

Aeris (I like how the way it sounds better this way) is the sweet little young woman selling flowers. She is quiet yet outgoing at the same time. Aeris is part of the love triangle between her, Cloud, and Tifa, but she's trying to um...make Cloud hers? *ducks all of the debris that Cloud/Aeris fans are throwing at her* I mean, SERIOUSLY, Cloud and Tifa are a much better couple than Cloud and her (as you can see, I'm a Cloud/Tifa fan ^_^ and damn proud of it, too!!). Anyway, Aeris' past is more a tragedy than a happy one. She's only half an Ancient (is there such thing?) and the daughter of Ilfana and Doctor Gust.

Doctor Gust was very interested in learning about the Ancients, but in a more subtle way than how Hojo had wanted it. As Shinra approached their small home in Icicle Lodge, her father was shot and she and her mother were captured and put into an experiment. The two eventually escaped, but Ilfana was rather weak and died in Aeris' arms. She was entrusted by who she calls her mother now and taken care of in Sector 5 of Midgar. However, Shinra was still after Aeris and had planned to take her back, but she wouldn't allow them to. Tseng of the Turks (haha, now THAT'S a couple....j/k...I personally don't think that they'd be good...*shivers*) was ordered to take her back to Shinra headquarters.

Aeris is the last descendant of the Ancients and had to eventually face her fate of saving the world against Meteor....


Aeris' limit breaks resolve around healing and curing her allies. Some of them are pretty cool, typically the later ones. But they're all hard to get, especially the last one, because Aeris has a time limit of her use...(to you impatient FF fans who have never played this before: NO, I'M NOT TELLING YOU WHY!!!)


~~~Healing Wind~~~As the name implies, Aeris calls upon the wind and heals everyone by 1/2 of their health. Pretty useful, especially in the beginning stages of the game.

~~~Seal Evil~~~This spell casts stop and silence on all enemies. It...sorta works around 80% of the time. Available after using Healing Wind 8 times.


~~~Breath of the Earth~~~This lil' Limit break casts dispell on all abnormal status conditions: the good and the bad. Available after Aeris kills 80 enemies.

~~~Fury Brand~~~This one is kinda cool. Basically, Aeris charges up everyone's limit break gauges (except for her, of course) to the max. Available after using Breath of the Earth 8 times.


~~~Planet Protector~~~This limit break makes everybody practically invincible for a limited amount of time. Available after killing an additional 80 enemies.

~~~Pulse of Life~~~This restores everyone's HP and MP even if one of your party members are dead. Available after using Planet Protector 8 times.


Great Gospel

Everybody's HP and MP are restored to the max and you're invincible for a limited amount of time. This is the limit break that's hard to find and you've got a limit on finding it and giving it to Aeris. Actually, it's not really hard to just have to be nice and patient trying to get it.

How you get it goes like this: you have to use your lil' buggy and drive all the way back to Costa Del Sol. And I mean just drive straight through it. You don't have to get out or anything, which is good, ya know? Once in Costa Del Sol, make your way back across Junon by boat. After that, take a helicopter out (hey, it's free, so why not just use it?) and you're outside in the Junon area with your buggy as well. (cool, huh?) Anyhoo, head towards the river (which is kinda north of where you are) and find a shallow passageway to cross. There should be a cave up ahead.

Inside that cave lives an old hermit. He's usually slepping, but he'll tell you how many times you've fought in battle. If the last two numbers are the same (100, 233, etc.), he'll wake up and either give you a Lightning Ring or a Mythril. If you get the Lightning Ring, you're kinda screwed. Fight again until your numbers match up according to his preferences and get the Mythril. After that, take the mythril and go back from where you came from (you should've been near Gongaga). Once you're in the Gongaga area, head south of the town and you will see a small home of some sort. That home belongs to a blacksmith. Usually, he's not home, but if he is, then give him the Mythril. As a reward, the blacksmith will let you open one of two boxes: a big one and a little one. Whatever you do, don't open the big one. The big one has Gold Armor in it, and that's not what you need right now. To get Aeris' final limit break, you have to open the little one. And wazzah, you got Aeris' limit break!

Just remember, she can only use Great Gospel if you've already master the previous three levels before already.


Guard Rod Initial equip n/a 70
Mythril Rod Wall Market 370 185
Striking Staff Junon, Gongaga; Steal: Eligor (Train Graveyard), Chimera (Gold Saucer area) 1300 650
Full Metal Staff Kalm, Junon (after Meteor) 800 400
Wizard Staff Junon (after Meteor); Find: Corel Mountains 1800 900
Umbrella (an umbrella?!?...yes, an umbrella) Win: Gold Saucer (roller coaster game) n/a 2100
Fairy Tale Junon (after Meteor); Boss: Reno 2500 1250
Prism Staff Cosmo Canyon 2600 1600
Wiser Staff Junon (after Meteor); Boss: Gi Nantaku 3200 1600
Aurora Rod Wutai (or Utai...either one) 5800 2900
Princess Guard Find: Temple of the Ancients n/a 3750