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Cloud Strife

NAME: Cloud Strife
AGE: 21
HEIGHT: 5'7"
DOB: August 19
WEAPON: Buster Sword

Cloud is the main hero of this game. He's...a pretty confusing character, but there is a reason why this confusion all happened. You see, he has two stories about what had happened to him five years ago in a revisit to Nibelheim, his hometown. One is true while the other one he made up on his own through the stories that his friend, Zack, told him. Wanna know what they were? Then highlight on the bottom because if you haven't played this game, yet (shame on you!), then there's going to be some spoilers ahead. But if you wanna know and are impatient like me, then go ahead and highlight to read.

Cloud's story five years ago went like this: he had finally reached SOLDIER's highest rank, 1st, and was sent on a mission to his hometown of Nibelheim with Sephiroth taking the reigns (NOTE: this is when Sephiroth was GOOD and not so messed up as he is now). Once arriving in town, he visited family and old friends that were still around (this was the last time he saw his mother). Cloud apparently became popular among his townsfolk, and with Sephiroth leading, there seemed to be nothing wrong with this mission, right? Well, you got it all wrong. Cloud and Sephiroth were to check out the cause of the increase in monsters in Nibelheim and set a plan to check out the Mako reactor on Mount Nibel with Tifa as the guide. It seemed, though, what the two had found in the Mako reactors was something totally unexpected: a human being inside a Mako-insulated chamber and turned into a monster. After this find, Sephiroth starts to doubt himself and his existence. He locked himself up in the Shinra mansion's basement, reading over old documents and agonizing over the finds. What he had found made him go insane and burned the entire town of Nibelheim to a crisp. Cloud chased after Sephiroth to find Tifa laying on the stairs and suffering from an injury that nearly took her life. Afterwards, Cloud and Sephiroth faced off....that is where the story ends.


The REAL story goes like this: Cloud never made it into SOLDIER. In fact, he was afraid and ashamed of his own weakness. All that he had heard were from his friend, Zack, who had just got into SOLDIER FIRST. It is true, though, that Cloud went to Nibelheim five years ago on that same mission, but he never took part of it. He was a soldier behind the mask, only revealing his face to his mother when he went to see her. Tifa had no clue, but Cloud watched over Tifa like a hawk on the guide through Mount Nibel. He was knocked unconscious when Sephiroth burned Nibelheim and chased after him to the Mako reactor. Tifa was seriously injured and Zack was K.O.ed, so it was all up to poor Cloud to take over. He grabbed Zack's sword and ran into the chamber where Jenova and Sephiroth were, slicing through Sephiroth from behind before he went back to take care of Tifa. As Sephiroth came out of the chamber and into the main hallway, Cloud decided to go after him. He suffered a massive wound in the side, but took Sephiroth's sword as a leverage and tossed him into the Mako stream below. Afterwards, apparently, he and Zack were captured by Shinra's troops and taken into Doctor Hojo's basement lab in the Shinra mansion to be taken as an experiment. Cloud suffered from major Mako poisoning, not remembering much as Zack helped him escape to Midgar. That was where he got his SOLDIER uniform (as a disguise to get out) and the Buster Sword, a memento of Zack who was brutally shot to death just before they reached to Midgar.

As you can see, he's a really messed up character ^_^. But he had his reasons!! Anyhoo, overall, Cloud's a good fighter on both offense and defense. Plus he also has these really nifty swords whenever bought.


You get these little red bars next to you active time bar. These bars are Limit Break bars, telling how and when you can use a particular character's limit break. Cloud's just has to be one of the coolest ones.


~~~Braver ~~~This is what Cloud first starts off. He basically jumps up high in the air and slices an enemy in two, causing major damage.

~~~Cross-Slash ~~~After using Braver at least eight times, you get this nifty little thing. It's not as useful, but what it does is that he creates the kanji symbol "Kyou" in cross skulls. (I forget what it means...a lot of things, actually) Not as strong as Braver, but if your enemy survives, then it's put into paralysis. The paralysis only works on normal enemies, though.


~~~Blade Beam~~~Cloud blasts one enemy with energy and the remaining enemies (if there are any) are attacked with the energy's shockwave. Available after Cloud kills 80 creatures.

~~~Climb Hazzard~~~This is kinda like the opposite of Braver. While Braver is a downward slash, Climb Hazzard is an upward slash. Avaliable after you've used Blade Beam eight times.


~~~Meteorain~~~ This is only useful if there are a LOT of enemies. Basically, Cloud jumps up into the air and fires six meteors at random into mulitple enemies or an enemy. Avaliable after Cloud kills 80 more creatures.

~~~Finishing Touch~~~I like this Limit Break. It's my personal fav ^_^. After using Meteorain eight times, you get this cool one. Cloud creates a massive tornado, killing all normal enemies instantly (ain't that cool??) and taking a moderate chunk of HP against bosses.



This is THE ultimate limit break for Cloud. It's also one of the hardest, too. What you need to do to get this is a tad bit complicated, so I might as well explain it. You're in Disc...3 or 4, right? So, head on over to Gold Saucer and into the Battle Square. Survive fighting all the way to the end and keep on re-fighting until you get enough points to buy Omnislash with your Battle Points. Just take this in mind: Battle Points disappear as soon as you leave the Battle Square. It sounds easy, but once you play it, it's not. After the first round, you are plunged into a kinda bingo game and get stuck with a handicap. The more complicated the handicap, the more Battle Points you get. Omnislash is 32000 points to get, so good luck is all I can say. You'll get the item and then just use it when Cloud has mastered (this is a MUST) all of the previous limit breaks.

What does Omnislash exactly do? Well, basically, Cloud just slices your enemy up in a big combo. I think it's around fifteen hits. You can use it against one enemy or a multiple round of enemies (random).




Buster Sword Initial Equip n/a n/a
Mythril Saber Kalm, Junon 1000 500
Hardedge Junon, Gongaga; Steal: Soldier, 3rd 1500 750
Force Stealer North Corel; Win: Junon (at the military review) 2200 1100
Butterfly Edge Cosmo Canyon 2800 1400
Rune Blade Junon; Find: Nibel Mountains 3800 1900
Yoshiyuki Find: Rocket Town (agree with everything that the old man says. he's in front of one of the houses.) n/a 2100
Murasame Wutai 6500 3250
Organics (this is one weird looking sword...) Icicle Lodge 12000 6000
Nail Bat Junon (after meteor); Find: Temple of the Ancients 2800 1400
Enhance Sword Junon (after meteor); Find: Gaea's Cliff 12000 6000
Crystal Sword Mideel 18000 9000
Apocalypse (this is a cool looking sword!) Find: Ancient Forest (if you choose to go) n/a
Heaven's Cloud Find: Downed Shinra Plane (if you choose to go) n/a
Ragnarok Boss: Proud Clad n/a
Ultima Weapon Boss: Ultima Weapon (if you choose to chase after it) n/a