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Tifa Lockheart

NAME: Tifa Lockheart
AGE: 20
HEIGHT: 5'4"
DOB: May 3

Tifa is Cloud's childhood friend from Nibelheim. She's currently a member of AVALANCHE and owns a bar called Tifa's Seventh Heaven. Although a tough fighter, Tifa has a soft side to herself. She loves Cloud greatly but is afraid of showing it and is also loyal to her friends. Tifa herself is a tomboy at heart. Back in Nibelheim, she was the best student under....I forgot his name. But I do remember that her teacher was a famous street fighter and he sacraficed his life in order to save her.

Ya see, back in the incident at Nibelheim five years ago, Tifa was the guide to go through the Nibel Mountains. When Sephiroth went ballistic, she took Sephiroth's sword that he left behind with her dead father and tried to take revenge. Things didn't work out that way, though. She is injured very badly (why don't you try getting almost sliced in half?) and doesn't remember much else until she finds herself in Midgar.

She and Cloud have a promise to each other...or rather Cloud made a promise to Tifa. If she were ever in grave danger, Cloud (or her hero) would come and rescue her. This promise was made upon a shooting star as the two stared up into the night sky in Nibelheim just before Cloud "suppossedly" left to join SOLDIER.


All of Tifa's limit breaks are pretty nifty. She will build up on a multiple combo attack as you build her limit break levels. There are slots to each attack. "Miss" will make her skip it, and "Yeah" will attack with double the damage of a normal hit.


Beat Rush

Although not as strong as any of the others (w/ the exception of Aeris) first round attacks, Tifa rushes up to her enemy and does a couple of punches. The first of a seven part combo.


Tifa does a backflip at her enemy after she does her first part attack. Available after using Beat Rush eight times.


Water Kick

Just yer average sweep. Available after Tifa kills 80 enemies.


I think that this limit break is kinda cool. She grabs the enemy and does...a sorta suplex on the enemy for moderate damage. Available after using Water Kick 8 times.


Dolphin Blow

A uppercut with twist ^_^. Available after Tifa kills an additional 80 enemies.

Meteor Strike

Tifa tosses her enemy into the air and then slams it back onto the ground. Getting the "Yeah" slots are kinda hard once you get to this level. Available after Tifa uses Dolphin Blow 8 times.


Final Heaven

The ultimate and most powerful part of the seven hit combo limit break that Tifa has. You'd have to already mastered the previous limit breaks before this to use it. To be able to get it, you have to go back to Nibelheim in um...Disc 3 (or was it still 2?...maybe it was still 2 because Disc 3's pretty short) after Cloud goes through his "I-can't-be-controlled" stage in Mideel and is back in charge of the story. When you're in Nibelheim, go to Tifa's house and upstairs to where the piano is at. (NOTE: This will ONLY work of you've already did the piano sequence in Cloud's memory scene at Kalm). After playing the exact tune that was played in the song (it goes something like this by pressing the controls: X, Square, Triangle, R1+Square---press at the same time, X, Square, Triangle, R1+X---press at same time, Circle, X, Square, Triangle) that kinda goes like this: Do Re Mi Ti La Do Re Mi So Fa Do Re Mi, and something cool will happen. Not only will you get Final Heaven, but you'll also learn about what happened to Tifa after the Nibelheim incident.

This limit break is also the hardest to execute for there is only ONE "Yeah" slot out of all the seven "Miss" slots. Well, I don't think that any normal being will survive this anyhoo...



Leather Glove Initially equipped n/a 60
Metal Knuckle Wall Market 320 160
Mythril Claw Kalm, Junon (before Meteor) 750 375
Motor Drive Find:Costa Del Sol n/a 900
Grand Glove Junon, Gongaga 1200 600
Tiger Fang Cosmo Canyon 2500 1250
Platinum Fist Junon (after Meteor); Find:Nibelheim 2700 1350
Powersoul Junon (after Meteor); Find:Nibelheim 4200 2100
Diamond Knuckle Wutai 5800 2900
Work Glove Junon (after Meteor); Find:Temple of the Ancients 2200 1100
Dragon Claw Icicle Lodge 10000 5000
Kaiser Knuckle Junon (after Meteor); Find:Whirlwind Maze 15000 7500
Crystal Grab Mideel 16000 8000
God's Hand Boss:Carry Armor n/a 1
Master Fist Find:Shinra Building (after Meteor) n/a 1
Premium Heart Find:Wall Market (after Meteor) n/a 1