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NAME: Nanaki
AGE: 48
HEIGHT: 3'9"
WEAPON: Hair Clip

Red XIII, otherwise known as Nanaki, is the last of his cat race located in Cosmo Canyon. He was captured by Hojo and his gang and was used as an experiment for unknown purposes. You first meet him when you come to rescue Aeris and although he might be the youngest one of the group (cat years are a lot different than human years), he is most likely the most rational. Red is supposedly the thirteenth Sephiroth clone, but it's not for certain. Before, Red had despised his father for leaving him and his mother alone to fend off the Gi tribe, but in actuality, his father went to fight the Gi tribe alone and in turn was changed to stone forever.

Red may seem wise and old, but there are times when he shows the immature side of himself. He likes to have good relations with everyone, including those who have been scorned for life for he too once was. Most of his knowledge comes from his grandfather in Cosmo Canyon whom he admires greatly.

He's such a cool cat ^^. And even though you can really see his weapons, his limit breaks are very effective!


Besides Cloud and Vincent, Red is the next on the line for cool and nifty limit breaks:


~~~Sled Fang~~~This one's pretty general. All that he does is charges at a single enemy for medium damage.

~~~Lunatic High~~~Red casts haste on everyone and increases their odds of dodging by 1/2. Obtained by using Sled Fang 8 times.


~~~Blood Fang~~~It's very similar to Sled Fang except that he absorbs the HP and MP of his enemy back to himself. Obtained after Red kills 80 enemies.

~~~Stardust Ray~~~Shooting stars fall down and randomly hit enemies for light damage. Obtained after using Blood Fang 8 times.


~~~Howling Moon~~~Well, it's like what it says. Red howls and then jumps in front of the moon (ironic that it's nighttime all the time when he's in battle) and then casts Haste and Beserk on himself, attacking for major damage. Obtained after he kills another 80 enemies.

~~~Earth Rave~~~Red launches into attack mode and hits enemies randomly five times for medium damage. Obtained after using Howling Moon 8 times.


Cosmo Memory

The monster of all Red's limit breaks. Like everyone else's final limit break: it ain't that easy to get. Like always, you have to have all the previous limit breaks first, but this one's not as hard to get as all the others ^^;; What you need to do is take on the side quest to the Shinra mansion when your in Nibelheim. Not only can you find Vincent, but you can also get Red's final limit break ^^.

Just one note, though. You need to be in top shape because you might not be at high levels in Disc One and there are some tough enemies to fight, but hey, that's what RPGs are all about: Challenges!!

Anyhoo, on the left side of the entry way, you'll receive a puzzle to figure out. It unlocks the code to this safe in another room. To be able to find the answers, they are all located in different places inside the mansion and the puzzle will give you hints about where each one is located. Just remember to write down the code ^^. And if you're like me, then you can just cheat and then highlight the answer below:

Right 36, Left 10, Right 59, Right 97

Just be really quick to enter in the combo cuz you're only given a short amount of time and don't overlook any number! If you do, then you have to try again. After you've opened the safe, be prepared to fight a boss: Lost Number. Lost Number's pretty hard to handle, but he's manageable. Just remember to hit him hard and fast. Oh yeah, his all red form's much much easier ^^.


Mythril Clip Inital equip; Junon (before Meteor) 800 400
Magic Comb Junon (after Meteor); Win: Fort Condor 2000 1000
Diamant Pin Junon, Gongaga; Steal: Bagnadrona 1300 650
Silver Barrette Cosmo Canyon 2500 n/a
Seraph Comb Find: Cave of the Gi n/a n/a
Platinum Barrette Junon (after Meteor); Find: Nibel Mountains 3500 1750
Gold Barrette Wutai 6000 3000
Hairpin Junon (after Meteor); Find: Wutai 6000 3000
Adaman Clip Icicle Lodge 11000 5500
Centclip Costa Del Sol (after Meteor) 14000 7000
Crystal Clip Mideel 17000 8500
Spriggan Clip Find: Ancient Forest n/a 1
Behemoth Horn Find: Shinra HQ (after Meteor) n/a 1
Limited Moon Find: Cosmo Canyon (Disc 3 only) n/a 1