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Vincent Valentine

NAME: Vincent Valentine
AGE: 27
DOB: October 13 (heheh)

Vincent is one of the coolest, yet mysterious characters in Final Fantasy VII. He was once a Turk working for Shinra until Hojo put him to sleep and used him as an experiment for fun. This was because Vincent loved a woman named Lucretia (did I spell it right??) who was also Hojo's assistant scientist while in Nibelheim. She too was used in an experiment with a mixture of Jenova cells and Hojo's own to create: ********* (hehe, I may be a spoiler person, but I'm not giving this away!!). Since then, Vincent has been asleep in a coffin under the Shinra Mansion's basement until you decide to wake him up. He is a bit depressed when you first meet him and he rarely ever talks unless spoken to. But hey, he's still cool!

Vincent is another optional character that you can get, but I recommend getting him! Not only does he hit hard, but he has the coolest limit breaks!

To get him, all you need to do while in the Shinra mansion is to open that safe (explained in Red XIII's profile) and get the key inside. This key will let you open a door that's on the side of Shinra's mansion. Talk to him until he has nothing else to say (basically, he'll go "...." or say "let me sleep" and not come out of again) and then continue on with the story. When you're about to leave the area, he'll call out and then try to join. If he didn't come out, then you didn't talk to him enough!


Like Cait Sith, Vincent's limit breaks don't follow the others. However, he does have four levels. His limit breaks are based upon Hojo's "experiment" on him and he turns into monsters of horrible skill.


~~Galian Beast~~ Vincent morphs into a purple monster with horns (let's just say that he kinda looks like Ifrit with purple skin ^^). His speed has increased to a permanent state of Haste. He has two attacks: Berserk Dance and Beast Flair. Beast Flair is fire-based, so don't use it against dragons ^^.


~~Death Gigas~~ Vincent morphs into a Frankenstein like creature and his defense and HP increases greatly. However, this form is a bit slow and weak against magic. He has two attacks as well: Gigadunk and Livewire. Livewire is thunder-based. Available after Vincent kills 60 enemies.


~~Hell Masker~~ Have you seen Halloween? This is what Vincent looks like in this form. Personally, I don't think he's very effective in this form. Although Hell Masker is strong on defense against physical damage, he's very weak on offense. His two attacks are Splatter Combo (five hit combo) and Nightmare (status based, but doesn't work against all enemies). Available after Vincent kills another 60 enemies.


~~Chaos~~ This is by far the best limit break, in my opinion. Chaos looks like...well, Satan or Diablos from Final Fantasy VIII. He has both a strong defense and offense: magically and physically. Chaos' first attack, Chaos Saber does an equal amount of damage like Gigadunk but to all enemies. His other attack, Satan Impact, does incredible damage and sometimes kills your enemies instantly.

How do you get Chaos? Well, while you're under the submarine, you can find your way to Lucretia's Cave (just be sure to avoid Emerald Weapon while you're exploring ^^). The cave is located near North Corel, in a big pool where a small waterfall flows. It's not that hard to miss from above, but it's a tad bit difficult to get to from below if you're the type who gets lost easily. Anyhoo, to find the cave from underwater, go to the place where you found the Key of the Ancients and keep going straight into a tunnel. The tunnel leads to the surface and then you can get off. If Vincent's not in the party, you'll enter the cave and hear someone call out Sephiroth's name. If Vincent IS in the party, then he'll recognize Lucretia and you get to see Vincent's past and know why he is the way he is now.

After talking to Lucretia, continue on to the Downed Shinra Plane and spend some time in there. Then go back and Lucretia will leave Vincent's best weapon and Level 4 Limit Break.



Quicksilver Junon (after meteor); Initial Equip 1000 500
Peacemaker Junon (after meteor); Find: Kalm 3500 1750
Sniper CR Junon (after meteor); Find: Nibel Mountains 3300 1650
Shotgun Rocket Town 3100 1550
Shortbarrel Wutai 6400 3200
Silver Rifle Junon (after meteor); Find: Temple of the Ancients 3000 1500
Buntline Junon (after meteor); Find: Bone Village 6800 3400
Lariat Icicle Lodge 18000 9000
Long Barrel R Costa Del Sol (after meteor) 13000 6500
Winchester Mideel 18000 9000
Supershot ST Find: Ancient Forest n/a 1
Outsider Find: Downed Shinra Plane n/a 1
Death Penalty Find: Lucretia's Cave n/a 1