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Caith Sith


NAME: Cait Sith
AGE: Unknown
HEIGHT: 3'2"
DOB: Unknown
WEAPON: Megaphone

Cait Sith is probably one of the strangest creatures that you'll ever find.... You first meet him as a bad fortune teller in the making in the Gold Saucer, but he's actually a toy controlled at Shinra HQ and the cat on top of the mog is the one doing the talking. The mog just lets him move around easier. Not much is really known about him and he is greatly despised among the FF7 gang, especially Barret, until he proved himself worthy of a member when he sacraficed himself so that the gang could escape from the Temple of the Ancients.

Cait Sith is very happy-go-lucky and tries to look up on the bright side of things. Although he may be just a doll, he does have a heart. Personally, I think he's very annoying ^^.


Cait Sith is one of two people who don't follow the normal limit break expectations (the other is Vincent). He has two levels and the most useful one is Level One.


~~~Lucky Dice~~~ Cait throws dice at an enemy. The number of dice thrown depends on his level. The totals are added together and multiplied by 100, 200, 300, or 400, depending on his level. He initially begins with this limit break. It's pretty effective once his levels are higher and the enemies around you get tougher to beat.


~~~Slots~~~ This is the last of Cait's limit breaks and the most unreliable. You need Cait Sith to kill 80 enemies before gaining this limit break. Basically, it's like playing slots on a slot machine. Whatever combos come out, he performs that combination. Here are the combos:

Toy Box ~ If you don't get three of a kind, this comes up. A random attack falls from the sky onto an opponent. Some possiblities that might come out are a Fat Chocobo and the "????" Enemy Skill.

Toy Soldiers ~ If you get three crowns, a small army of toy soldiers are summoned and fire at all enemies for a heavy amount of damage.

Mog Dance ~ If you get three stars, a mog appears and restores the party to max HP and MP. The most common.

Lucky Gal ~ If you get three hearts, a lady dressed up as a...bunny (I think) blows kisses to every member of your party. Until the end of battle, all of your regular attacks are critical hits.

Random Summon Spell ~ If you get three bars, a summon spell picked out randomly will be automatically cast without any cost to your MP.

Combine ~ If you get all three mogs, then everybody jump into Cait Sith's suit and form a Super Cait Sith where their HP is the total of all the party members added together.

All Over ~ If you get Cait Sith's face, then all enemies are killed instantly even if they have protection against Death or not. It's the most desired combo of these slots, but the most unlikely....

Joker Death ~ If you get a "bar" instead of the right side of Cait Sith's face, everybody in YOUR party dies regardless if you have protection or not. Game Over.



Yellow Megaphone Junon (after Meteor); intial equip 500 250
White Megaphone Junon (after Meteor); Find: Gongaga 2300 1150
Green Megaphone Cosmo Canyon 2400 1200
Black Megaphone Junon (after Meteor); Find: Cave of the Gi 2800 1400
Silver Megaphone Junon (after Meteor); Find: Shinra Mansion 3300 1650
Blue Megaphone Wutai 5500 2750
Trumpet Shell Junon (after Meteor); Find: Temple of the Ancients 3000 1500
Red Megaphone Icicle Lodge 11000 5500
Gold Megaphone Costa Del Sol (after meteor) 15000 7500
Crystal Megaphone Mideel 18000 9000
Battle Trumpet Find: Undersea Reactor n/a 1
Starlight Phone Find: Midgar Sector 8 n/a 1
HP Shout Find: Shinra Building (after Meteor) CAIT SITH NEEDS TO BE IN YOUR PARTY N/A 1