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Yuffie Kisaragi

NAME: Yuffie Kisaragi
AGE: 16
HEIGHT: 5'2"
DOB: November 20
WEAPON: A very big shuriken

Yuffie is a happy-go-lucky, ambitious, arrogant, and clever little ninja thief. She is the daughter of the head of Wutai and left home in search of finding any Materia that's valueable. Not only that, she despises her father because he and the other guardians of Wutai let the town become a resort town for tourists to come into. She has the knack to be on the annoying side and shares her father's love of materia. Which is why she steals your materia all the time...

Yuffie's an optional character, but it's nice to get her because she can become a heavy hitter later on and is also one of those characters who can hit from either the front or back row and still get the same amount of damage. To get Yuffie, you must in in the Junon area in Disc one just before you leave the continent to the other side. There are a couple of forests near Junon, so just run around until you eventually run into her. It takes a lot of time and patience to be able to finally run into her in a random battle and you must also say the right things in order for her to join without any trouble. She's not that hard to beat...just whack her pretty good and she's gone ^^. Anyhoo, you after the battle, you must do the following things:

1) Do NOT use the save point to save your game. She'll steal a lot of gil from you and disappear.

2) When she asks for a rematch, reply "Not interested."

3) When she asks if you're scared of her, reply "...petrified."

4) When she asks if you want her to join, reply "That's right."

5) When she asks if you want to know her name, reply "Let's hurry on."

If you mess up, she'll steal a couple of hundred gil from you and even in larger amounts on the later questions.


Yuffie, although she can be annoying at times, can have some of the most effective limit breaks if you use her wisely.


~~~Greased Lightning~~~ She cuts at one enemy for medium damage.

~~~Clear Tranquil~~~ Bubbles of water form around your party and heal them around 50% to their HP max. Available after using Greased Lightning 8 times.


~~~Landscaper~~~ Giant waves of energy are created that run along the surface of the battlefield that hits all enemies. Avaliable after Yuffie kills 80 enemies.

~~~Bloodfest~~~ Yuffie goes into a ten hit combo, attacking all enemies. Available after using Landscaper 8 times.


~~~Gauntlet~~~ A giant explosion appears, attacking all enemies for heavy damage. Available after Yuffie kills another 80 enemies.

~~~Doom of the Living~~~ Very similar to Bloodfest except that she attacks fifteen times and a purple light creates explosions afterwards. Available after Gauntlet is used 8 times.


All Creation

Now, how do you get one of the best of Yuffie's Limit Breaks? It may sound simple, but it's fairly hard to obtain. You must go back to Wutai (or...if you did the Wutai sidequest, then you can just leave and go back in again) and go to the Wutai pagoda. There, Yuffie and ONLY Yuffie must prove herself worthy of the five guardians of Wutai. After you defeat all five guardians, not only will you get Yuffie's final limit break, but also the Leviathan summon materia. So, hey, the sooner you fight, the sooner you can get Leviathan, right?

Basically, you need to pack a ton of materia onto her. That means Poison, Barrier, Time, the highest level of Restore materia that you have, Gravity, and all the HP and MP plusses that you have and can fit on her weaponry. After every battle, you can go back down the tower, save, and heal Yuffie before going back in. If you have Yuffie's second level of limit breaks, then defeating the bosses will be a cinch. At the beginning of each battle, caste Haste and Barrier on yourself (or if you have the Enemy Skill materia equipped on her at the highest level, then you can just cast Mighty Guard instead) and then Poison on your opponent. It would help that you can put up an accessory that will put you at an advantage. Chekhov has paralysis on him, so you can just equip an anti-paralysis accessory on her and then you can fight fine. Fight conservatively and you should be able to pass. It took me a couple of tries to beat Godo, though, since he can heal himself.

So, what does All Creation do? Well, Yuffie shoots out a beam of energy at all enemies for some mucho grande damage ^^.



Four Point Shuriken Initial equip n/a 300
Boomerang Junon, Gongaga; Steal: Formula 1400 700
Wind Slash Junon (after meteor); Find: Cargo Ship 2000 1000
Pinwheel Cosmo Canyon 2600 1300
Twin Viper Junon (after meteor); Find: Shinra Mansion 3200 1600
Razor Ring Wutai 6000 3000
Magic Shuriken Junon (after meteor); Find: Wutai 6000 3000
Hawkeye Icicle Lodge 12000 6000
Superball Junon (after meteor); Win: Fort Condor 3000 1500
Spiral Shuriken Costa Del Sol (after meteor) 14000 7000
Crystal Cross Mideel 18000 9000
Rising Sun Steal: Diamond Weapon n/a 1
Oritsuru Find: Dachao Statues n/a 1
Conformer Find: Downed Shinra Plane n/a 1