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Barret Wallace


NAME: Barret Wallace
AGE: 35
HEIGHT: 6'4"
DOB: December 15
WEAPON: Gun-arm

Hee hee hee, don't he look like Mr. T? I'm sorry, but Barret just makes me laugh sometimes....

ANYHOO, on with him. Barret's the leader of AVALANCHE but not a fairly good one. He likes to be the boss of everything, and he kinda presumes some stuff too much. No, it's not like that I don't like him. It's just that Barret's one of my least favorite characters. I just find him funny ^_^.

Barret's hometown is in North Corel, a coal mining town that was destroyed by Shinra after the town had already let them in. This was the beginning of Barret's hatred towards Shinra and to the creation of the rebel group AVALANCHE. In North Corel, everybody calls him a traitor because he and his friend, Dyne, was out during the time of the town's destruction. Everybody in his family is dead with the exception of Marlene, his daughter. It's not until Barret proves himself to be a hero is when the townspeople of the now ruined North Corel gives him the respect he had wanted a long time ago.

During North Corel's destruction, Barret lost the use of his left arm and replaced it with the gun arm you see now through surgery. The only other person with a gun arm is his long time friend Dyne whom he thought died during North Corel's incident....

Now, I'm not really sure about this (after playing FF7 so many times), and am pretty confused...but who's Marlene's real parents? At first I thought she was Barret's daughter, but then after playing the game again, I think he's Dyne's daughter whom Barret found still alive after the destruction of North Corel, and then I thought it over again. So, who ARE Marlene's real parents? Is it Dyne or Barret? E-mail me for the answer if you know it. Much appreciated ^_^

*UPDATE* Thanks to an anonymous visitor -, she has told me this:

Marlene is Dyne's and Eleanor's wife. Barret explains to Dyne that when he returned to North Corel after the Shin-ra attack that he found Marline and took care of her. Also note that Barret's wife, Myra, was also killed in the attack along with Eleanor and the rest of Barret's family. According to Barret, North Corel was attacked four years ago, and according to Dyne, Marline is now four years old. That would make Marline less than a year old when the attack happened. i got the info from: Psychomaze :: The one stop for insanity!

Thanks so much! Now I know the mystery to Marlene ^^.


All of Barret's limit breaks compell with his gun arm. He's a pretty powerful character in general, but with a low defense rate.


~~~Big Shot~~~Barret focuses all of his energy into his gun-arm and fires it at one enemy for moderate damage.

~~~Mind Break~~~This is similar to Big Shot, but instead of taking hit points, it takes magic points away from an enemy instead and brings it down to 0 MP. Pretty useful limit break, but not effective against some bosses, though. Available after using Big Shot eight times.


~~~Grenade Bomb~~~Barret fires off a grenade, damaging all enemies. Available after Barret kills 80 enemies.

~~~Hammer Blow~~~This limit break is very...unuseful, especially against some enemies and all bosses. What this does is that Barret will charge at an enemy and kill them instantly with one punch. Available after using Grenade Bomb eight times.


~~~Satellite Beam~~~Um...I'm guessing that aliens up in the heavens are called down by Barret to shoot down lasers at all enemies, causing massive damange. Available after Barret kills another 80 enemies.

~~~Anger Max~~~I think that Satellite Beam was better than this. What it does is that Barret fires 18 or so rounds of ammo into random enemies, causing light damage. Available after using Satellite Beam 8 times.



The mano e mano of all of Barret's limit breaks and, personally, my favorite one of his. You'd have to have mastered his previous limit breaks, of course. To be able to get this powerful limit break, you'll have to succeed in saving North Corel from being rammed by the runaway train. After successfully saving the town, go to the house on the west hill and talk to the woman inside. She'll give you Catastrophe for free.

What Catastrophe does is that Barret jumps high up in the air and then he shoots out this...laser beam that hits around twenty times for light damage. But think of it: TWENTY TIMES he gets to kick those annoying monsters!!

Not only does Barret have a powerful final limit break and can attack from either front or back row, he has this nifty gun arm attached to his arm ^^.


Gatling Gun Initially equipped n/a n/a
Assault Gun Midgar Sector 8, Wall Market; Steal: Guard Scorpion 350 175
Atomic Scissors Junon, Gongaga; Steal: Custom Sweeper 1400 700
Cannon Ball Kalm, Junon (pre meteor) 950 475
W Machine Gun Junon (after meteor); Find: Corel Mountains 2000 1000
Hard Vulcan Cosmo Canyon 2700 1350
Enemy Launcher Junon (after meteor); Find: Shinra Mansion 3300 1650
Drill Arm Junon (after meteor); Find: Rocket Town 3300 1650
Chainsaw Wutai 6300 3150
Rocket Punch Junon (after meteor); Find: Temple of the Ancients 3200 1600
Microlaser Icicle Lodge 12000 6000
Solid Bazooka Costa Del Sol (after meteor) 16000 8000
A*M Cannon Mideel 18000 9000
Maximum Ray Find: Midgar Section 8 n/a 1
Pile Bunker Find: Shinra Building (after meteor) n/a 1
Missing Score Find: Sister Ray (if in party) n/a 1