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Wowee, part two of this. Yep, this strategy boss thingie is MUCH longer than the FF8 one ^^.


This part isn't really that hard to describe. You need to gain your levels or else be creamed by the mighty and powerful Sephiroth. Your best bet is to go down to the Shinra Plane just off the coast of Gold Saucer. Yep, you need your submarine to get through there. Just be sure to avoid Emerald in the waters (press X to go back up and go back down again if he's too close). Not only are the enemies there are tough at first, but you can get a lot of EXP by beating them. This is also a good place to obtain your characters level 4 limit breaks.

To be able to beat Sephy, everyone's level should be around levels 50 to 80. A wide range, yes, but the higher your levels are, the easier he is to defeat.




Ah, finally the part where you have to choose your members to defeat Sephiroth's first form. Depending on how strong you are, you have the option from using 1 to 3 parties. Yep, if you're REALLY strong, then you use all of your members. So....

For your main party, choose your strongest members. For mine, my strongest members were Cloud, Tifa, and Vincent. Equip them with all of the strongest magic that you use all of the time and pack them with masterized HP and MP plusses. Also equip Cloud with the Mega-All materia and any other special materia that you have on your party members (Double Cut, Slash-All, Contain, etc.). Have Cloud have the Ultima Weapon, Escort Guard, and Ribbon on him. For your second member (Tifa, in my case) have their final weapon, the strongest armor that you have, and another Ribbon if you have one. If not, then equip a Tetra Elemental. For your third member (Vincent, in my case again), have their final weapon, another strong armor, and a Tetra Elemental (yeah, you should have two; to get another one, just morph a Cactuar).

Since I, unfortunately, had strong levels (Cloud was at level 82 or somethin' like that) I had to put three parties to use. However, I just used my main party when the battle began ^^.


Stage One: JENOVA

Oh yes, you get to fight her again. This time, it's for the last time. She appears as a boss before you meet Sephiroth and have the time to choose your party members for the final battle depending on your level. She's pretty easy, though. To finish her nice and quick, I had Vincent with his Limit Break to max, turned to Chaos, and just let him do the work. Tifa and Cloud just stood around, casting Big Guard and all. When his limit break was full, I just initiated Omnislash and *poof* she's gone. Hehe, like I said, she's fast and easy ^^.

But if you're not as strong, then do this: take out her nasty little arms first of all. Then, once the arms have died, use whatever powerful magics and attacks that you have in store. Just make sure that you beat her before she finishes her countdown or face an Ultima spell.

Stage Two: Bizzaro Sephiroth

This is where everything depends on if you have three parties or one. Since I had three, I just switched back and forth whenever a body part died. Basically, Sephiroth's Bizarro form has many parts: Left Magic, Left Wing, Right Magic, Right Wing, Torso, Core, and Head. The head is the easiest to take out, but it always regenerates.

Anyhoo, take out the Left and Right Magics as well as their Wings either using your main party (with Cloud as the lead with Mega-All) or switching back and forth between parties. Once you've finished with those four, focus on your main party with the torso. The core itself is invunerable until the torso and all the other parts are dead. Use whatever powerful magics you have (Ultima and Contain-junction Quadra Magic and W-Magic is a good one) and your most powerful limit breaks at him. Eventually, Bizarro Sephiroth will tilt sideways and sink to the ground in defeat.

Third Stage: Ultimate Sephiroth

Hehe, my answer to beating him? Well, if you have Knights of the Round and W-Summon on it, cast that and then he's dead. If you don't have W-Summon, cast Knights of the Round and wait until Cloud's limit break is full and use his most powerful limit break.

If you don't have those....well, I have a solution to that, too, although it's rather long and tedious ^^.

First and foremost, cast Big Guard or Wall. That'll keep Sephiroth's attacks at half. Smack him around with your most powerful spells, keeping your HP levels up, and hit him with physical attacks if he's on the ground. Sephiroth will cast Wall at the beginning of this battle, so either you wait it out or cast DeSpell on him so that you can use your attacks at full power. Limit Breaks are a must. There is a point when Sephiroth flies, so be sure that you have at least a party member who can attack from long range and have your other party members cast spells, summons, etc. Neo Bahamut and Bahamut ZERO work pretty well against him as well.

Make sure that your HP and MP levels are high, because if you've taken a lot of time, Sephiroth will eventually cast Supernova on you. Be prepared for a big hit since this takes out a lot of damage and CAN kill everyone if you don't have any barriers on you. Yet, a good thing about this is (if you're still alive) that your limit breaks will fill up fast. Keep smacking him with powerful spells and summons, limit breaks, and whatnot as well as keep up your party's health at the same time. Eventually, after an hour or so, you'll beat him ^^.

A funny thing about the Supernova spell is that Sephiroth basically calls upon a Meteor to destroy all the planets. If you haven't been able to beat him fast enough, he'll cast Supernova again and you'll get to see the planets get blown up again. *shrugs* I'm not sure how you can blow up planets twice ^^.

Final Stage: Normal Sephiroth

Haha, yeah, I told you that Sephiroth only had two forms, but in the ending (the beginning of it, at least) Cloud's spiritual body goes back into the recesses of his mind and meets Sephiroth face to face. Don't worry, though. You'll be quite ready when you meet him ^^.

Enjoy the beautiful ending, folks! And yes, don't forget about the other CG movie at the end of the credits ^^.