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Oh, so you've never heard of Final Fantasy VIII before, huh? Maybe you have, but you've never played it before, right? Well, this is the place to hear about it! Sure, it may be around 3 years old, already, but this game still rocks. I always play it again from time to time because...well...just BECAUSE. You really can't explain the game in words.

After the success of it's predecessor, Final Fantasy VII, FF8 takes the Square world to a whole new level. The FMV cut scenes are so real that you can actually imagine yourself inside the game, while outside of the cut scenes, the characters are realistic to an extent.

First things first, you start off with the main character, Squall Leonhart.

Ain't he such a hunk?!? Well...all the FF8 main guys are hunks anyway ^_^.



Squall is this angsty (well, not really angsty), brooding teenager who's training to become a SeeD, which is a special mercenary force sent out by Garden. (Garden's sort of a like a military school) In acutality, SeeD's goal is to fight against the sorceress that might threaten the world. SeeD was created after the Sorceress War 17 years before when Sorceress Adel ruled over the high tech metropolis of Esthar.

Anyhoo, Squall is joined up with other members of SeeD, who just coincidentally happen to be his childhood friends from an orphanage long ago. He also runs into Rinoa Heartilly, the daughter of the head general of Galbadia and leader of the rebel forces: Forest Owls. Rinoa becomes a major role in Squall's life, eventually opening up his walls to see the real person inside.

Agh! I love this couple, don't ya know?

After Squall and the orphanage gang team up, the real plot begins. A new sorceress is now the ambassador and President of Galbadia, sending out the Galbadian troops and Galbadia Garden itself to find SeeDs and destroy them. No one knows the real reason why for a while, but it is soon found out that a sorceress from the future hopes to control the entire world by controlling the past, present, and future. The only way of doing that is finding a young woman named Ellone, who can bring someone that she knows back into the past subconsciously.

And so, the battle to save the world begins...