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Squall Leonhart

AGE: 17
HEIGHT: 5'8"
DoB: August 23
WEAPON: Gunblade
SPECIAL SKILL/LIMIT BREAK: Renzokuken* what does Ayame-chan have to say about him? Weeeelll, first things first. He's antisocial. He'll only talk whenever he's told and do whatever he's ordered to do. A perfect SeeD, to be exact. Squall doesn't have that many friends because...he doesn't want to go into contact with other people. Why? The answer is unknown but I think it's because he's afraid that everybody will go away. His cool, calm exterior disguises the emotional instability that he has on the interior and the only person who was able to make Squall break out of his shell slightly was Rinoa. See that smile up there? That's REALLY rare. Actually, that's the only time I've ever seen him smile in the entire game. How I say it, he has "walls" around his emotions and is a master at hiding them unless it involves Rinoa. You don't want to mess with him if you ever hurt Rinoa. Did I ever mention to you that he's her Knight?

Squall is also one of two Gunblade users in the entire population of Balamb Garden. The other is his rival, Seifer Almasy. The gunblade is a very, VERY difficult weapon to master and it takes many years to be able to master such a weapon. Squall becomes the first SeeD to be the only Gunblade wielder.

What do I think of Squall? He's cool, if you ask me. But Zell tops my list of favorite FF8 bishonen ^_^. But geez, with or without the scar on his face, ain't he such a cutie?!?

* The Renzokuken is only part of what Squall's Limit break is about. Depending on the type of gunblade he carries, there are the finishing attacks to his limit break. Wanna know what they are? Of course you do!

Rough Divide: This is simliar to Cloud's 1st limit break (darn...forgot what was it called...0_o). He charges at the enemy and slashes upward.

Fated Circle: I think that this is an awesome attack. Bascially, Squall leaps in the air and twirls his gunblade around for a shockwave, hitting all enemies.

Blasting Zone: ^_^, if you like blasting people with laser beams, this is your choice. Really, Squall summons up a mass of energy and blasts his opponents with his gunblade.

Lion Heart: This is my absolute favorite favoritest attack. After the Renzokuken, Squall attacks a lot MORE with his sword by tossing up his enemy in the air and then does like, I don't know, 20 different slicing and dicing at his enemy and finishing off with one final blow. (Hee hee, I like doing this attack against Ultimecia and it appears rather often). This is the hardest of all finishing attacks to get because one and ONLY one weapon can make him learn this finishing move: the Lion Heart.

And that weapon is so freakin' hard to get!! It took me FOREVER to get this weapon. I dunno, around one or two weeks before I got the sufficient amount of items.

Wanna know about Squall's weapons? Sure you do! ^_^ And no, I'm not going to tell you where you can find all of these items. You can look it up on some FF8 walkthrough or get the strategy guide. Or, if you're like me, just figure it out yourself!

Revolver (Basic)
M-Stone Piece (2)
Screw (2)
Rough Divide
Shear Trigger
Steel Pipe 
Screw (4)
Rough Divide, Fated Circle
Cutting Trigger
Mesmerize Blade 
Screw (8)
Rough Divide, Fated Circle
Flame Saber
Betrayal Sword
Turtle Shell
Screw (4)
Rough Divide, Fated Circle, 
Blasting Zone
Twin Lance
Dino Bone
Red Fang
Screw (12)
Rough Divide, Fated Circle, 
Blasting Zone
Lion Heart
Dragon Fang (4)
Pulse Ammo (12) 
Rough Divide, Fated Circle, 
Blasting Zone, Lion Heart