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Selphie Tilmitt

AGE: 17
HEIGHT: 5'1.5" (boy...she's shorter than me ^_^)
DoB: July 16
WEAPON:: Nunchaku

Selphie is your typical happy-go-lucky person. She looks on the bright side of things, even when the mood's serious. Sure, her attitude towards the very important stuff may be childish at times (Love. Peace. And Happieness!), but she does act seriously when the time is right.

Selphie was a transfer student from Trabia Garden to take the SeeD field exam. She was first introduced by a Guardian Force at a young age, resulting in her loss of memory as all the others, except Irvine, had. Practically her entire childhood was remembered by Trabia Garden, now in ruins, but she was also part of the Orphanage gang that was being taken care in the hands of Edea Kramer.

Other than that, nothing else is really known about Selphie. But she's spunky and will take any risks. She's also the president of the Garden Festival Committee and is trying to get anyone and everyone to join. With her around, there's no need for failure of the Garden Festival. ^_^ She also started her own diary in order to retain her memories (as is everyone else) after knowing about the effects of the junctioning of a GF.

*What is slot? This is Selphie's Limit break and it gives you access to many spells that you may not have at some point in the game. However, there's some particular skills of her slot magic that are hers and hers only:

Full-Cure This completely restores the party's HP. Very useful during tough Boss fights.
Wall Casts Protect and Shell on everyone. It's kinda like Quistis' Mighty Guard, but rarely appears.
Rapture This flies an enemy right out of battle by attatching wings on the enemy's back. A pretty rare but useful spell that works on field enemies ONLY (that means that it doesn't work on Bosses).
The End The best and strongest Selphie Limit Break. The enemy is taken to a field of flowers and is laid to rest. It works on both enemies and Bosses, but it is the hardest skill to get. This doesn't affect undead enemies, though....

The best part I like about Selphie is not just her spunky personality (which sometimes can get annoying ::dodges flying arsenals by Selphie fans::), but her weapon. They're nunchucks!! ::starts singing the Ninja Turtle theme::

M-Stone Piece (2)
Bomb Fragment
Morning Star
Steel Orb (2)
Sharp Spike (2)
Crescent Wish 
Inferno Fang
Life Ring
Sharp Spike (4)
Strange Vision
Star Fragment (3)
Curse Spike (2)