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Seifer Almasy

AGE: 18
HEIGHT: 6'2"
DoB: December 22 (hey, he has the same B-day as my niece and my twin!)
WEAPON: Gunblade

Seifer Almasy. Ex-sorceress Knight and failure of Balamb Garden. Seifer has a repuation at Garden as being a show-off and an arrogant, cunning young man. He has potential, lots of potential, of becoming a SeeD, but sometimes he is too naive to be able to recognize his faults. Not that I'm bashing Seifer or anything, but this is just the straight out truth.

He is the other gunblade user at Garden, and also Squall's rival. The two fight because they absolutely LOATHE each other. ...Not really, but it's clearly seen that Squall doesn't exactly like Seifer as does the rest of the Garden population. His trusted posse, Fujin and Raijin, are his only friends. He heads the Garden Disciplinary Committee with Fujin and Raijin following behind, making sure that Garden's safe and sound from class clowns and the like.

Seifer is also part of the Orphanage gang, much to everyone's dismay, and his personality started to set off from there. In both past and present, Seifer has picked on Zell just because he's such an easy target to choose. As a child, he's called Zell a crybaby. Now, he calls Zell "Chicken Wuss" and tends to make fun of him in whatever he does. (Ex. "What are you doing, swatting flies?")

He's not particularly liked in Garden at all, for he's going for the best of the best and the only other person who's trying to take that from him (and not even realizing it) is Squall. So, he calls Squall "Puberty boy", but as usual, Squall really doesn't seem to care and tunes everything out.

Seifer likes to do everything on his own, and doesn't follow orders that well. He had a relationship with Rinoa over the summer, but it was just a close friendship and nothing else.

What does the webmistress think about him? ::ignores the glares of the Seifer fans:: ...Well, I don't really know. There are times where you hate him, and there are times where you don't. So, I'm kinda in the middle. I don't hate Seifer nor absolutely love him to death; I'm just in between, that make sense to you?

And all baddies aren't really bad. They're not evil on purpose; they're just misunderstood individuals ^_^.

Fire Cross, Seifer's Limit Break, casts a Fire spell and then Seifer gives a blast of energy from his gunblade. Oh, did I ever tell you what his gunblade's name is? It's Hyperion, an old, OLD gunblade. Much different from Squall's Revolver.