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Rinoa Heartilly

AGE: 17
HEIGHT: 5'3"
DoB: March 3
WEAPON: Blaster Edge
SPECIAL SKILL: *Combine (Angelo) and **Angel Wing

Rinoa's the daughter of General Caraway, the general for the Galbadian army. But she never liked her father and became a member of a resistance group in Timber called the Forest Owls. Since then, she's never spoken to Caraway since. Her mother is Julia, the woman that Laguna liked many many years ago and the famous singer who died in a tragic car accident when Rinoa was still pretty young. She's a person who likes to speak her mind and will do so whenever she pleases unlike Squall who hides his emotions.

Everything just seems to get a bit messed up for Rinoa's life when the passing of a sorceress's powers comes by. She's the only sorceress for now in the FF8 world after Edea and Adel have given their powers on to her. She plays a significant role in the FF8 world, particularly around Squall's life, and is a pacifist at heart. That's what I think anyway. She fights when she wants to, but she doesn't really WANT to fight when she doesn't have a good enough reason for it.

What do I think of Rinoa? I think she's cool ::dodges all of the flying weapons thrown at her by the Anti-Rinoa fans::. Okay, sure, she says some...uh...kiddy stuff ("You big meanie!"), but, you know, if you pay attention closely to the game, Rinoa's what you think she may seem. She speaks out her mind and is serious when the time is right, unlike Selphie who is happy-go-lucky. ::dodges all of the weapons thrown at her by Selphie fans::

*What is Combine Angelo, you ask? Well, Rinoa has a pet dog named Angelo and her limit break requires teamwork with it. Depending on what magazine of Pet Pals you've read, Angelo and Rinoa perform a random trick as part of Rinoa's limit break. Wanna know what Angelo's tricks are? Of course you do!

Angelo Rush Starting Angelo runs right through an enemy as a random counterattack.
Angelo Recover Pet Pals Vol. 2 Angelo recovers a party member's HP. Occurs randomly
Angelo Reverse Pet Pals Vol. 4 Angelo revives a KOed party memeber. Occurs randomly
Angelo Search Pet Pals Vol. 5 Angelo uses his doggie nose to search for items during battle. Occurs randomly.
Angelo Cannon Starting Rinoa and Angelo team up when Rinoa uses Angelo as a slingshot to hurl him/her at the enemy.
Angelo Strike Pet Pals Vol. 1 When called, Angelo does a series of sky high jumps, twirling his enemy in the air and slamming it back down to the ground in an earthquake. Remember Tifa's multi-limit break? It's kinda like that.
Invincible Moon Pet Pals Vol. 3 When called, Angelo makes all the party members invincible for a short amount of time.
Wishing Star Pet Pals Vol. 6 Rinoa and Angelo team up and do a series of attacks causing major damage. This is the strongest trick to learn, but it occurs very rarely when she calls her dog.

And you know, Wishing Star does REALLY well when you're fighting a really tough boss. Too bad it takes too long to learn....

**What is Angel Wing? This is Rinoa's new ability that she learns after all that mess in the Ragnarok and the Lunar Base. She's basically berserked, but uses magic instead of physical attacks that are NOT used up by her inventory.

The Blaster Edge is kinda like a slingshot except that there's this razor sharp blade as the rock.

M-Stone Piece (3)
Shear Feather
Magic Stone
Rising Sun
Saw Blade
Screw (8)
Cockatrice Pinion
Mesmerize Blade
Sharp Spike
Shooting Star 
Windmill (2)
Regen Ring 
Force Armlet
Energy Crystal (2)