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Quisits Trepe

AGE: 18
HEIGHT: 5'6"
DoB: October 4
WEAPON: Chain Whip

Quisitis is the youngest Instructor at Balamb Garden, being only a year older than Squall and the like. But she's a child prodigy, some may say. She became a SeeD at that age of 15 and then got her instructor's lisensce at the age of 17. Quistis is greatly admired by everyone in the garden and getting her own personal fan club known as the Treppies. These crazed students either want Quistis to go out with them (the male population) or be just like her (the female population). But although always in the spotlight, she's not much liked by the other instructors of the Garden. Why? It's because of her way she acts towards her students.

Well, hey, she's only 18 and they only a year or so younger or around the same age, so that's why they don't like her (I think so, anyway). She lacks the authority and sterness of the other faculty members which resulted in her loss of her instructor's lisensce (Darn you Garden staff, hiss!). She's one of the few who knows Blue magic, which is really cool by the way, and is also one of the few who can understand Squall. Not inside out, like Rinoa, but enough for her to know what Squall's reaction's may be.

She's also part of the Orphanage gang, the children whose parents were lost during the Sorceress War, and was under the care of Edea Kramer before being adopted by a family and eventually getting to Balamb Garden at the age of 10.

What do I think about Quistis? She just kicks ass. ^_^ Just one snap of the whip and wazzah, you're gone. *Ahem* I don't really dislike anybody in the FF8 world except maybe Adel, but that's about it ^_^.

What is Blue Magic? Well, if you're a diehard FF player like me, then Blue magic is the same as the Blue Mage job classes in the Final Fantasys back in the day. Like...uh....Final Fantasy III (which was never released in the U.S.), for example. Blue Magic here's the same, but it's learned in a different way than Ability Points... You need to gain the items from monsters and use them on Quisits for her to learn the new Blue Magic ability.

Ultra Waves Spider Web Caterchipiller
Electrocute Coral Fragment Cockatrice, Creeps, Blitz
LV ? Death Curse Spike Forbidden, Imp, Malboro, Tri-face
Degenerator Black Hole Gesper, Wendigo
Aqua Breath Water Crystal Chimera, Fastitocalon-F, Fastitocalon, Grand Mantis, Chimera
Micro Missle Missile Death Claw, GIM52A
Acid Mystery Fluid Gayla
Gatling Gun Running Fire BGH251F2, Iron Giant, SAM08G
Fire Breath Inferno Fang Hexadragon, Ruby Dragon (which are pretty annoying, mind you)
Bad Breath Malboro Tentacle Malboro
White Wind Whisper Adamantoise
Homing Laser Laser Cannon Belhelmel, Elastoid, Mobile Type 8
Mighty Guard Barrier Behemoth
Ray-Bomb Power Generator Blitz
Shockwave Pulsar Dark Matter N/A

The last Blue Magic item needed, the Dark Matter, is REALLY hard to find. I couldn't even find it within the game, so I don't really know how powerful it is. But it's pretty powerful, I'm sure. And I can't really describe what her Blue magic abilities do cuz I forgot -_-. But you can try these out for yourself whenever Quisitis is ready for her limit break.

The Chain Whip is That's all I can say.

Chain Whip
M-Stone Piece (2)
Spider Web
Slaying Tail
Magic Stone (2)
Sharp Spike
Red Scorpion
Ochu Tentacle (2)
Dragon Skin (2)
Save the Queen 
Malboro Tentacle (2)
Sharp Spike (4)
Energy Crystal (4)