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Laguna Loire


AGE: 27 (like...a long time ago ^_^)
HEIGHT: 5'9"
DoB: January 3

Laguna is ....well, Laguna. He used to be a soldier for the Galbadian Army, but then quit and became a writer for the Timber Maniacs magazine in Timber (well, DUH). He's a man with a big heart ^_^. The opposite of Squall, Laguna is very laid back and sociable. Because of his personality, it makes him a strong leader for those around him respect him greatly. They are also very loyal to him, typically his friends.

Now, why are there two pictures of Laguna on there? Aren't they the same person?? Yes, they are. As a matter of fact, Laguna hasn't changed a bit. The Laguna on the left is his current self, 17 years after the Sorceress War against Sorceress Adel, and the President of the high technological city of Esthar. Although President, he doesn't like to make formal matters formal, and dresses in a casual style unlike his friends Kiros and Ward. But hey, the president can do whatever he wants, right? Now I can see why Esthar elected him to be president because....they LIKE him. He has such a cool personality ::Laguna fans cheer::

The Laguna on the right is Laguna 17 years before the Sorceress War against Sorceress Adel and possibly even before that. After what was their final mission in the Galbadian army, Laguna began to travel around the world, writing his travels and publishing them on the Timber Maniacs magazine. But before Laguna became a writer, he was a soldier serving for the Galbadian Army.

Laguna was in love with a young pianoist at the Galbadian Hotel by the name of Julia. I'd say it was more of an obsession, but know, whatever. Laguna had inspired Julia to write her first and only song in which she tragically died a couple of weeks after. But Laguna didn't know about this because he had problems of his own to solve...

On Laguna's final mission, he jumped (or rather fell) off the continent's steep cliffs and fell into the ocean. Washed ashore afterwards, he began to settle in a small village called Winhill. That was when he met a woman named Raine, an owner of a bar who took care of him when he was injured. Then he also met a little girl named Ellone, whom Raine soon had adopted as one of her own.

After hearing about Ellone's kidnapping by Estharian soldiers, Laguna went out to search for her, leaving his newlywed wife, Raine, and their unborn son behind. This was how all of this President of Esthar and Sorceress Adel stuff came into play. The only thing that Laguna regrets was leaving behind Raine who soon died shortly afterward their son was born. Only, he didn't know who his son was...

Now, all you FF8 fans like myself should know this by now, but I'll just give this information anyway:


Since we FF8 fans know about his already, I'll just ask you newbies this: Doesn't Laguna and Squall look...I don't know, very SIMILAR?? To find out the answer,
highlight the section below.

I think Laguna's Squall's daddy! Yes, Squall is Laguna's long lost son!! Think about it, 17 years ago, Laguna left Raine behind to search for Raine. Squall is SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD. And sure, they don't have the same hair color or eye color, but take a look at Raine in her profile, then you'll see what I mean. Squall takes his mother's hair and eyes, but he had his father's looks, ne? And Raine was never given a last name, so I think, instead of taking Laguna's name, she gave her maiden name to her son: Leonhart. There you go! Laguna's Squall's daddy!!


Oh, yeah, I forgot about Laguna's Limit break, huh? Well, since I've never seen it before, I can't tell you what it is! If you know, then please e-mail me!