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Yes, I have my own style of trying to beat Ultimecia. So does everyone else, but I just want you guys out there to know how the hell did I beat the game. Thought Sephiroth (which I didn't) was hard? Think again:

Let's see....Ultimecia has four stages, but to be prepared, let's just go a few BEFORE you decide to run into the doors and fight Ultimecia singehandedly....


First and foremost (this is probably the most important one), you need to fight Bahamut in the Deep Research Center if you haven't already and obtain the Bahamut Card. Card Mod it to get 100 Megaelixers. You'll be needing a LOT of those during Ultimecia's battles. Then, if you haven't already done so, go down deeper in the research center and solve its puzzles. No, I'm not going to tell you how to solve the puzzles, you gotta look in a guidebook or FAQ or just figure out the puzzles yourself =P. Once you're done solving the puzzles (and saving, which is a MUST against this boss), go and attack Ultima Weapon. Make sure you draw the GF Eden from it. That's the most powerful GF in the game, so don't miss it!


I'd recommend having Doomtrain junctioned on one of your party members as well. If you don't have Doomtrain, you have to get the Solomn Ring. You'd have to get like six of each of something.....I forgot. If ya wanna know, check out my Guardian Forces Section.

I'd also have the maximum limit on Full-Lifes, Curagas, Lifes, Curas, and other healing magic as possible. Have around 15-25 Auras and move your Megaelixers, Elixers, and Remedies to the top of the list.


My recommended and favorite party members would be Squall, Rinoa, and Zell or Quistis. But you choose your strongest members as the main party for the fight, it's up to you. ^_^

Have Squall junction Doomtrain, Diablos, Shiva, Leviathan, and Cactuar. You don't need to use them in battle, really, but it's nice to have their junctioned status effects. Once there, Squall SHOULD get the Automatic-Shell. Put that on him and all magic casted by Ultimecia will be halved. He should also have a lot of Meltdowns, Ultimas, Deaths, and Flares. Not for magic use, but for junctioning use ^_^. I didn't make Squall a magic user for the fight. Whatever you do, DON'T make him a magic user. He needs to do other things besides casting magic. ^_^ For the menu layout for him, I'd recommend GF, Recover, and Item. You should also have the Lion Heart if you have it, but if not, then modify his gunblade to the strongest.

Have Rinoa or whoever's going to be your magic user be a magic user. I used Rinoa, so I'll just use her for the rest of this example. She should junction Eden, Tonberry, Quezatcol, Pandemona, Carbuncle, or any other GFs that she has a high compatibility with. Then give her the majority of the healing/recovery spells and all of the Aura spells that you have. She'll be your main magic user, and magic it is. I didn't cast a lot of attacking spells, but I did use a lot of Aura and Full-Life spells. Make sure that Angelo has learned Shooting Star cuz that's going to be useful in her limit breaks. For her limit breaks: use Combine Angelo ONLY. You can't afford having no control of Rinoa. For the menu layout, I'd recommend GF, Magic, and Revive if you have it.

I made Zell as my third party member. He should be junctioned with whatever GFs are left. Doesn't really matter because he's not going to use them for a good use anyway. Zell should have learned My Final Heaven, his ultimate limit break, and equipped the Ehrgeiz. If not, then the strongest glove that you can get for him. Zell's going to be an attacker and Item user. No need for him to use magic especially when he's not really good at the magic casting anyway. ^_^ For the menu layout, have GF, and Item.

Get everyone the highest levels as possible, like HP+60, etc. A good one would be that, Magic+20, and a high level of defenses.



First and foremost, the battle against Ultimecia are in four stages. No, you cannot rest in between, and no you don't gain any EXP. Why should you? It's the end of the game!

The first stage ~Ultimecia: After Ultimecia's "I Hate SeeDs" speech, she'll choose 3 party members at random. Doesn't matter who, but make sure at least one character from your main party is in it. She will cast spells that lock your limit breaks, so use and elixer or esuna for recovery. Only attack until you have all the members needed for the final battles.

NOTE: Not to be mean or anything, but to get to your main party, you'd have to let the other 3 die first. They are carried away by an angel and absorbed into time...

The second stage ~ Griever: Okay, you SHOULD have all of your main party members, right? Well, cast Doomtrain and Eden IMMEDIATELY. This will bog Griever down. Have somebody who has Cerberus cast that immediately as well. This will make your magic be casted 2 or 3 times, depending on your choice. After that, have Rinoa cast Aura on all three party members. Make Squall do his Renzokuken and whatever special finish he has at the end. Have Rinoa do her Limit Break, and Zell the same thing. When your HPs are low, use the Megaelixers and physical attacks as well as casting other GFs. When the screen begins to move around like an earthquake, be warned and use your weakest GFs. Griever will cast his ultimate spell, Shockwave Pulsar. This packs a ton and might even kill your characters if you don't have a GF who can cover for you or they're not at 9999 HP. He SHOULD only use Shockwave Pulsar once, if you're fast enough. If not, be warned for many other Shockwave Pulsars.

The third stage ~ Ultimecia J-Griever: This is a sick and twisted stage. Ultimecia forcefully junctions with the ultimate Guardian Force and you'd now have to fight BOTH of them! Cast Auras on Squall and Rinoa when they run out and attack, attack, attack! DON'T cast any magic spells because either they get blown away or will not have that much, if any, effect on them. And DON'T use your GFs. Two little diamond-like shaped thingies appear with the new form of Ultimecia and will immediately kill your GFs if you use them during this stage. When you use Renzokuken, you can see that the Renzokuken has changed accordingly and has a much more powerful impact than the 2nd stage. You'll know when you're almost done with this form when the second half falls off and you're fighting the top half.

The fourth and final stage ~ Final Ultimecia: This is an even more strange version than the last stage. You get to see Ultimecia's true form and fight in the darkness of time. Cast Eden if it's not dead yet, CONSTANTLY use MegaElixers because she has this spell that makes everybody's HP go down to ONE, and CONSTANTLY cast Aura and use Limit Breaks throughout whenever the Aura's effect runs out. If you have the Lion Heart, you get to see it in full action! (Ha ha, I just like that part....Squall gets to chop up Ultimecia to pieces!! Besides, it's a kick ass finishing move!) BE WARNED OF APOCALYPSE!!!! Ultimecia's top half will draw Apocalypse from her bottom half at some time during the battle. Whatever you do: DO NOT LET HER CAST APOCALYPSE!!!!! I heed you of this spell. This spell is evil and horrible evil!!

Well, that's how I beat Ultimecia! Enjoy the long, but cool and sweet ending for you Squinoa fans!!! ^_^