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Chapter One ~ The Legacy of Shion Treist

Out lurking in the shadows of Esthar's once peaceful streets, there was an assassin who chilled the minds of the strong hearted. He would ruthlessly kill his prey in one strike without even allowing them to scream. All that the poor victims would see was a blur.

Most of these victims were top government officials or renown nobels. These men and women were found to be corrupted in drug scandals, plots to assassinate the current President of Esthar, President Saiyuki Lockheart, and gain the position, ideas of machines that would devestate the entire world, and the like. The common people found this assassin a hero to their cause while the government condemned the person, man or woman, resposible and sent out a billion gil reward for the assassin's capture, dead or alive. The only problem was, nobody knew what the assassin looked like. All they knew was it's name: Shion Treist.

Shion Treist was described as a man of supernatural abilities. He had the eyes of a lion, a stare that would literally freeze someone down to the bone, anda fighting style too fast for the human eye to see. Some said that he was a bury man in his late forties while others said he was a lean yet muscular man just in his teens. One couldn't believe from the other except for those who have sworn to keep his identity secret. He would be just a legend waiting to be revealed.

The young man called Shion Treist was actually the exact opposite from what he was described as. Actually, Shion Treist wasn't even his real name. It was Alexander Leonhart, the boy who defeated Sorceress Ultimecia five years before and who had suppossedly disappeared from society itself soon afterwards. Everyone who knew him just called him Alex: a carefree, easy-going young man who wanted to protect the peace and was willing to be punished in place of others.

When Atamos offered Alex a job as a member of the Organization, he gladly accepted much to his sister's protests. He first drew blood at the age of twelve, the age when he defeated Ultimecia. Now at the age of seventeen, Alex has killed many, but for the righteous cause of protecting the people. He gradually corrected the Estharian government's ways through his pseudoname, but he also paid the price for it by becoming the most wanted man with a billion gil price for his head. Atamos switched Alex's job from being an underground assassin to a weapons specialist after those five years and Alex changed his name back to his real one again.

Everything seemed to be going fairly smoothly until his own past starts to return...

AUTHORESS NOTES: Short and sweet lil' intro, ne? Don't worry, though, the real plot is about to begin. R&R!!