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Epilouge ~ Facing the Future

Was Ultimecia really gone? That thought had still lingered in Alex's mind as time passed by.....

<Five years later ~ Raine's Memorial>

A figure stood in front of a beautifully decorated grave. A gentle breeze blew against his face, his only eye staring sadly at the grave before him. Etched on it were six names....

The man looked around seventeen or so with a lean, muscular frame. He wore a red shirt and casual black pants with his black trenchcoat slung over the shoulder with one hand. In the other hand he held a bouquet of flowers. That hand also held a silver ring in his finger, reflecting off the sun's rays.

"It's been a long time," he said to nobody in particular, setting the flowers on the grave. "But I've been pretty busy with missions and all..."

Another gust of wind blew through, letting his midnight black hair fly in all directions.

"I've kept a pretty low profile on my real name," he continued. "Only the people I trust like Sis and Sakura know it besides Shion."

"Hey, Alex!" a young woman shouted in a distance. "It's time to go!"

"I'll be right there," Alex replied, smiling back at the woman. He turned back to the grave. "Something strange has been going on in Timber where Grandpa Laguna used to work at. I'm going to check it out with my friends."

He began to leave and then stopped, turning back and smiling sadly. "I'll be back next year."


And so, the name Alexander Leonhart remained forever hidden from the public world. In his place was a cold hearted assassin named Shion Triest.



AUTHORESS NOTES: Mwuahahahaha...thank you all for reading! Wow...I just read the date on this fic and it's been more than nine months in the making and I'm finally done! And no, the story does not end here ^_^. I'm thinking of making a sequel (which I'm planning it to be only seven chapters), but I need your help! Should I or should I not continue? If you want me to continue, I'll continue! If you don't want me to continue, I still will continue! ^^; Just need a little feedback, ya know? Anyways, happy holidays, minna, and stay tuned!!