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This is the place where you can put up your fanfiction! For now, only mine are up. If you want to submit your FF-related fanfic, then copy and paste the text below. Then, e-mail me at I do accept other RPGs and Square games. ^_^ Once you e-mail me, I'll put up your fic as soon as possible!


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BY: Ayame-chan
Homepage: Kim's Anime Page
Title: Angels To Protect the Pride Lost Child
Genre: Drama/Angst Angst/Mystery Angst
Category: Final Fantasy VIII Final Fantasy VIII Final Fantasy VIII
Gen. Summary: A young woman appears on the shores of Balamb. She's an exact replica of Rinoa with the cold eyes of Squall. Who is she? And how did she get here? Time Compression and an old nemesis returns...can the FF8 gang stop it before their children will cease to exist? This explains how Squall and Rinoa lived their lives after Time Compression and how their children's lives changed to what they are now. A side story to Angels. This also takes place before Angels acutally begins (and also takes place before the 1st side story...) and explains how Lily is the way she is now and also reveals her mother's identity...




Status: Complete Complete Complete


Title: Destined By Fate Final Angel Dangerous Games
Genre: WAFF Drama Drama/Romance
Category: Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy VIII Final Fantasy VII
Gen. Summary: When Tidus returned to the surface, what if he found himself back in Zanarkand again? What happened if everything he experienced was...just a dream? Sequel to Angels. Alex has to return back to the past to fix errors and finds himself stuck in the middle of another Time Compression. This time, however, it isn't Ultimecia causing it. Seven years post Meteor, peace settles in. Cloud and the gang have no problems to worry about and live happily in their homes. However, a new threat arises by a man who was long forgotten takes his revenge, causing the remergence of the final missing Sephiroth clone. Two people stand in his way: Vincent Valentine and his own sister.



2 (including prologue)
Status: Complete Incomplete Incomplete


BY: Kimmy B

Title: Untitled
Genre: Drama
Category: Final Fantasy X
Gen. Summary: Auron reflects his past for Tidus just before Sin's defeat.
1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 ~ 5
Staus: Incomplete



BY: Lunagirl

Title: Eternity - An Everlasting Story
Genre: Mystery, War and Romance
Category: Final Fantasy VII
Gen. Summary:

It is two years after the Shinra War and everyone seems to have settled down in their own way, Sephiroth under care and getting better and Aeries sustaining Planet. One night Vincent hears a legend about a time when chaos shall rule and none can stop it save for two elite warriors. Vincent shrugs it off, but when things happen that were included in the tale, Vincent begins to believe. Is the story true or is something else? And will the gang be able to solve the mystery in time to save Planet once again?



Status: Incomplete


BY: creative_genyus

Title: It's Never Too Late Tidus and Yuna Talk
Genre: Drama/Romance, Mystery, Discovery Romance
Category: Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy X
Gen. Summary: A week has past since Yuna lost the one she loved. But there is something inside of her that won't let the matter rest. In an attempt to soothe her suffering, she allows Lulu to talk her into visiting the Farplane... But what awaits Yuna is something much more mysterious than even she could have imagined. In a desperate attempt to reclaim the life of her loved one, Yuna sets out on a journey to find the answers she needs.. and perhaps, the love she once knew.



Status: Incomplete Incomplete