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Who AM I, exactly?

Well, as some of you may know from my other website, I am Ayame-chan, a.k.a. Kim. My alias "Ayame-chan" came from my friend Ikumi who decided to name all of her friends Japanese names just for the heck of it. So, hence, my name.

Most of my friends call me an anime freak. Well, I am, really ^^. I haven't seen a lot of animes like some other people (I've seen probably about...30-40 anime shows?), but I love being an anime otaku. Anyhoo, this isn't supposed to be about anime, this is supposed to be about Final Fantasy.

I made this page because I am also a Final Fantasy fan. I absolutely love the games, and the plot just continues to amaze me. For my favorite FF, I definitely have to say FF8. I'm a hopeless romatic and love the love in there, what do you expect?

I don't really dislike many characters (except Seymour and Amarant, but that's different *dodges objects*), but I have lots of favorites from each of the games that I have played. For FF4 (II in the U.S.), it's Rydia, Edge, and Kain. FF6 (III in the U.S.): Sabin and Shadow. FF7: Vincent, Tifa, and Red XIII. FF8: Rinoa, Squall, and Zell. FF9: Freya and Vivi. FF10: Yuna, Tidus, and Auron. There's something about Seymour that bugs me...I think it's his not-so-evil personality.


And also being the hopeless romantic I am, I do have favorite couples (who doesn't?). My absolute favorite is Rydia and Edge in FF4, even though Rydia "hates" Edge. Hey, couples start off arguing with each other, right? For FF6, I have to say Locke and Terra. I was so rooting for them, but in the end, got disappointed because Locke went after Celes...and vice versa. Not that I don't like Celes and all...I just think Terra and Locke are the better couple, but that's my nonsense opinion.

Anyhoo, in FF7, it's Cloud/Tifa. Why? I never had any love for Aeris. Respect, yes, but Tifa's just so cool. And she fights with her fists! I like people who fight with martial arts and swords (or both). FF8, it's Squall/Rinoa. Even though Rinoa can be a bit annoying at times, put her and Squall together and everything just...clicks. I have no preference for FF9. In FF10, though, it's Tidus/Yuna and Wakka/Lulu. That's all folks!